The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council

Standard for Preparation of Dyslexia Teachers and Therapists

Etoile DuBard Award

November 15, 2003 Council Resolution

"Whereas, Etoile DuBard, Ph.D., was a living legacy;
Whereas, Etoile DuBard, Ph.D. contributed beyond measure to individuals with language learning disabilities;
Whereas, Etoile DuBard, Ph.D., was an unselfish mentor to many professionals;
Therefore, The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council wishes to honor her contributions and memory by
The Etoile DuBard Award of Excellence
In the field of Multisensory Structured Language Education, to be awarded annually at the IMSLEC fall meeting, to a person who meets the ideals, professionalism and dedication exemplified by the life of Etoile DuBard."

Past Award Winners

2004 — Phyllis Meisel
2005 — Maureen K. Martin, Ph.D.
2006 — Sylvia O. Richardson, M.D.
2007 — Valerie G. Tucker
2008 — Joyce S. Pickering
2009 — Claire Nissenbaum
2010 — Dr. Mary E. North
2011 — Sophie C. Gibson
2012 — Judith Birsh
2013 — Kathy Rose
2014 — Nancy Cushen-White
2015 — Dr. Karen Vickery
2016 — Sandra Dillon
2017 — Dr. Mary Farrell
2018 — Kay Peterson
2019 — Kay Allen
2021 — Henry Sinclair Sherrill

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