The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council

Standard for Preparation of Dyslexia Teachers and Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I receive IMSLEC training?

IMSLEC does not offer training in Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE). It accredits training courses which do offer training.

Does IMSLEC certify individuals?

IMSLEC does not certify individuals. Many of IMSLEC's accredited members offer certification. Certification is also available from the Academic Language Therapy Association, the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, and Wilson Language Training.

What is the value of IMSLEC accreditation? What are the benefits?

Accreditation is a new concept in the MSLE field. It has the same value as the accreditation of a school or college by national and regional accrediting agencies. It is assurance to potential students and employers of the high quality of the training course, and that it is appropriate and effective training in MSL education.

Is IMSLEC accreditation permanent?

To remain accredited, on-going compliance with IMSLEC standards and criteria must be demonstrated. Initial accreditation must be reaffirmed after 3 years, and renewed in 5 years, and thereafter reaccreditation is required every 7 years.

Where did the term "multisensory structured language education" (MSLE) originate? What does it mean?

The term was adopted by the original International Dyslexia Association (IDA) committee as a generic designation of the shared characteristics of well-known Orton-Gillingham-based approaches to teaching reading and language skills.

Do you have to meet every requirement before submitting an application for accreditation?

Applicants must be established training courses. If it appears that IMSLEC criteria can be met by the time of the on-site evaluation team visit, the application may be filed.

Must the evaluators have access to our financial records?

A written statement by a qualified accountant stipulating that the books are in order and the resources are adequate to the program is all that is needed.

Who makes the final decision to accredit?

Under the IMSLEC bylaws, the board has the authority to grant or withhold accreditation. The Accreditation Committee forwards its report and recommendation to the President, who then appoints one board member to review and present the application to the full board for its decision.

Is there an appeal process in case of a negative report?

The applicant has the opportunity to review and respond to the report before it is submitted to the IMSLEC Board, and may appeal directly to the Board at the time it is considering its decision.

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